What our Students are Saying

MDC Trading Academy proudly shares our member´s experiences in the stock market throughout the world, learn what they are saying.




Alexander Alvarez

“I am very happy to have this opportunity … to manage a real investment fund Trading.”

Costa Rica

Flor Marina Pinilla

“I need to learn from the scratch, to know the ‘why’ behindmany things, to be a professional, you have to do new things to live better and it depends 100% on the work you put into it.”


Jose “Pino” Soto

“I did not know anything and my learning progress has been incredibly fast, one of the things that I have recovered with Trading is TIME.”


Ricardo Prado

“I´ve been trading live for 5 months and have overcome my psychological barriers.”


Camilo Noy

“They teach you how to read the market like a newspaper….They are always available to resolve what ever questions you have.”


Franco Muñoz

“What they are doing is brilliant, and I’d like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to take this course.”


Juan Carlos Navarro

“I’m very happy with the process I’ve been following….the academy gives you everything, they fulfill their value proposition, they are the last course you’ll ever need.”


Paul Rubiano

“I´m very happy to be apart of MDC, to be able to watch them trade live, think and make decisions, and analyze the market, which they do extremely well. When it´s your turn to make a decision don’t doubt it, this is the right place.”


Ricardo Agrock

“They have a very good structure, very consistent, it changes the way one views the market.”


Christian Mazo

“The training is out of this world…it’s an experience you have to live.”


Santiago Serrano

“They are always concerned about your success, they coach you personally on how you work and perform…it´s the best decision I´ve ever made.”


Paul Parraga

“It’s a great opportunity to take your trading to another level.”


Guillermo Caballero

“They went above and beyond. I really enjoyed getting to know the quality of the individuals who work at MDC.”


Carlos Cocunubo

“The change I have experienced in my trading has been complete you are going to enjoy the experience of trading live with the best Master Traders by your side.”


Carlos Yepes

“Taking the training course with MDC has helped me to gain the confidence I was lacking.”


Juan Cardozo

“What good is having the best strategy, if you don’t have the proper psychology to execute it?”


Jahemanuel Hernandez

“Trading helps you to know yourself  better.”


Andres Arbelaez

“Taking the course with MDC has helped me generate the confidence I was lacking.”


Juan Cardozo

“The best strategy is useless if you do not have the psychology to carry it out.”


Mario Jimenez

“In trading less is more.”


Leopoldo Sanmiguel

“Beyond the economic benefit, I found the freedom and peace that I was seeking.”


Jose Cervantes

“I was a part of the 90% majority of traders that could not find consistency, now I consider myself part of the 10% minority of consistent traders, after training with MDC.”


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