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What is MDC Trading Academy?

MDC Capital Group LLC is an entity that consists of two divisions: our Trading Academy, and our Trade Desk. At MDC Trading Academy, we specialize in educating students interested in becoming consistently profitable Day Traders in today’s challenging market environment. We are a leading competitor in Latin America and are working to expand our growth beyond that scope. 

Our curriculum has foundations in trading psychology and Price Action, mastery of these concepts is vitally critical to understanding the markets. The methodology we have developed is comprehensive and practical for both novice and advanced traders, we make it a priority to demonstrate confidence in our methods by giving students access to see our master traders operate in live markets using the same procedures we teach. Our training strategy has been designed to guide in discerning the markets, by educating you in the complete experience of trading. 

From technical analysis and risk management to psychological and technical skills, we give you the tools necessary to function in the market at a professional level. As a student of MDC Trading Academy, you are part of a global community of active traders. This resource is invaluable in your development as your education continues by participating in knowledge sharing/transfer and peer-reviews. 

Our goal is to develop traders that operate at an expert standard, in order to incorporate these traders in our MDC Capital Trade Desk. We seek talent and those individuals who fully understand and perform in the markets as taught here at MDC Trading Academy.

Manny Cabrera

Stock Market investor since 1990. Professional futures trader since 2008. Finance Specialist and Systems Engineer; he worked for more than nine years on Wall Street. Head Trader and Co-Founder of MDC Capital Group with vast experience mentoring traders. Architect and designer of the MDC methodology. His passion is to transform lives through trading.

Dany Perez Senior Trader de MDC

Dany Perez

Senior Trader with more than 10 years experience trading NYSE stocks and 5 years in the Futures Markets. An Andrés Bello National University alumni with an MBA from the University of Los Andes, Bogota, Dany has more than 15 years of experience working with multinational companies in the areas of financial planning and strategy. Dany also spent 6 years as an entrepreneur in his own endeavors and now he is a motivator and teacher and has worked with over 400 traders of different countries.

Sebas Zuluaga

Senior Trader with more than 5 years of experience in the Futures Markets. With a degree in Business Administration from the University of Antioquia. A former profesional soccer player for the Colombian national team, Sebas began his trading career in college and it has become his exclusive source of income. Sebas has become and expert motivator and speaker and has personally worked with more than 500 traders to achieve their goals.

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