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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is it the last course I'll ever need to take?

The vision of MDC is to offer all of the necessary knowledge to make a successful trader in ONE training program. We do not believe that students should have to continue paying for different levels of courses. At MDC our member have lifetime Access to all new techniques and finding without any additional charges. Everything that the students require to become successful in their trading will be provided to them.

The relationship between MDC and its students is long-term with the objective of developing consistent and talented traders that can potentially operate at a profesional level on our Trade Desk. Our commitment is to ofter the best training available.

Will I be able to witness live trading at MDC?

Yes, normally we are trading live during our live classes and periodically we share the same trades on our social media channels, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

I don’t have any prior experience, can I become a Trader?

Every journey even a short one starts by taking the first step, of course we can teach you how to become a Trader! We take you by the hand and introduce you to the most basic through to the most advanced topics.

Do I need to quit my job to become a trader?

No, initially trading is a great way to diversify. Our training normally requires about two hours a day in order to develop in a successful manner. The amount of time is not as important and the quality of time you dedicate to learning. Starting in trading with other sources of income is extremely beneficial particularly in the beginning because it helps relieve the psychological pressures associated with deriving exclusive income.

I’m a trader with experience, can I still learn and improve my trading?

Our Senior Traders have collectively developed thousands of traders with different cultures, knowledege and experiences. The whole training is personalized, so we can help you both technically and psychologically. Perhaps you don’t need to learn so many technical aspects, maybe all your need is help with a psychological hurdle. You will learn a methodology in which you will unlearn your bad habits and psychological traps.

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