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What is MDC Trading Academy?

We are a futures trading academy that specializes in the psychology of trading. Our price action focused training program contains all of the tools we effectively use every day on our trade desk. We are a global trading community.

Beginner Traders

If you do not have any experience in the wonderful world of trading – don´t worry! We start our students from the very beginning, ensuring their understanding of each and every concept, leaving no questions unanswered. You can be confident that our training will provide you with all you need, with NO additional courses or membership purchases required.

Experienced Traders

If you already have experience trading and desire to take your trading to the next level, we can help! We will teach you how to objectively read the market like you´re reading a newspaper. With a strong emotional intelligence foundation we focus on reinforcing propoer technical analysis of price action. Our live trading sessions and complete market analysis by our Senior Traders serve as supplements to your learning experience.

Tips on How to Begin in Trading

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Learn More About our Personalized Trading Program

The program covers all trading and topics from basic to advanced in one unique course.


You will understand the platform and the basics of the US stock market.

Technical Analysis

You will understand and recognize the movements that the price makes using trends, structures and patterns in order to anticipate movements and identify market participants.

Trade Selection and Management

After learning about price action, you will be prepared to identify high probability trade opportunities. You will be equipped to design a trade plan that adapts to your trading personality. Your trade plan will help minimize uncertainty. This will help you to manage your emotions, keeping you in control.

Putting it all Together

Finally, by combining both professional technical analysis and a sound and emotional/mental state, you’ll be able to execute your trading plan without being overwhelmed with fear or greed thereby allowing you to objectively maximize all high probability market opportunities.

Personalized Coaching at Every Level!

What our Students are Saying

Juan Pablo Cardozo

“I quickly realized that at MDC their main focus is psychology. It doesn´t really matter what technical trades you take or what technical arguments you have supported by charts, they are meaningless unless you have a robust grasp of the psychology of trading in order to execute consistently”

Mario Jimenez

“Thanks to MDC I managed to adquire the confindence that I needed to continue trading. The knowledge I received through the program is invaluable and to have the opportunity to watch Senior Traders live with more than 10 contracts, opened my mind to focus on what I could accomplish if I fully adopt the psychological habits that can permit me to stay focused, disciplined and fully confident. I have been correcting previous errors while I conceptually prove all of the resources at my disposal.”

Andres Arbelaez

“To those interested in MDC Trading Academy to learn how to trade, don´t doubt that it´s the right place, it´s the ideal place”

These testimonies are not representative of the experiences of other clients. These testimonies are not guarantees of future results or successes.

Want to Make a Career out of Trading?

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