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We are a Day Trading Academy that specializes in training and guiding our students to become successful traders by supporting them with our capital.

Acompañamiento personalizado


Have you ever imagined being able to be hand in hand with a professional trader guiding your way? We provide real-time mentoring and help you overcome obstacles in your own process. Our systematic and personalized learning method provides you with a step-by-step guide to becoming a successful trader.

Psicología del Trading


Develop the necessary mindset to achieve consistency through the experience of watching our Senior Traders trading live at the money market. We use strategies based on universal concepts that work in different markets

Pruebas de fondeo


Would you like to have the opportunity to get a funding test? The best students will be able to join our team of traders and will have capital to increase their profitability.
Become a Senior Trader.

Years of joint experience in Trading

We have educated traders from 45 different nationalities

Presence in 21 countries


Satisfaction Rate from our students

Training Programs

Learn how to trade the markets with discipline, focus and confidence. We train students based on the psychology of the trader and price action, to operate the United States stock market.


Knowing Trading and Markets.

  • Introduction to Trading.
  • Introduction to Markets
  • Futures Market.
  • Price Action
  • Reading Graphics
  • Master Ninja Trader



More than 400 hours of trading

  • Personalized Accompaniment
  • Live Trading
  • Trading Psychology
  • In-Depth Technical Analysis
  • Access to MDC Community
  • Access to Funding Tests


Face-to-face trading training

  • Access to all exclusive content developed by our Senior Traders
  • All necessary knowledge available
  • Personalized virtual guidance for three months
  • 1 Face-to-face week of INDIVIDUAL immersion with our Senior Traders.

* With more than 1000 students trained in our academy, we are able to offer you a trading learning plan tailored to your needs.

Aprende Trading desde cero


Learning from scratch is a great opportunity and a unique advantage to advance on this path, as you don’t have mixed information or myths in your mind that can confuse you.
We will be next to you, guiding you from top to bottom until you reach your goals.

Once you master your skills, you can be trading shoulder to shoulder with our Senior Traders at MDC Trading Academy, our private firm of Traders, where we recruit the best profiles, after going through different tests and filters in order to trade with our funds.

Profesionaliza tu trading con MDC


If you have experience trading frequently and you have not been able to get your highest potential from it. We will take you to the next level.

We teach you how to read the market accurately by implementing our reliable methodology in which we combined the comprehension and learning of the Price Action with the empowerment of the Trading psychology

Why are we considered as One of


Because we are the academy that has educated the highest number of successful traders in the past 7 years. Our training system gives you the necessary resources from our professional Traders, to learn how to become a consistent trader.

  • Personalized Training
  • Live trading
  • Access to a global community ever last
  • Interactive Platform
  • Program based on our experience
  • Access to funding tests and Money Markets

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El confidencial digital

Alianzas MDC - Revista Empresarial y laboral


Our Mentors

To start Trading like the best professional, we complement the technical and psychological learning content with live classes led by our senior traders, in which they operate and analyze the market in real time.

Manny Cabrera

Stock Market investor since 1990. Professional futures trader since 2008. Finance Specialist and Systems Engineer; he worked for more than nine years on Wall Street. Head Trader and Co-Founder of MDC Capital Group with vast experience mentoring traders. Architect and designer of the MDC methodology. His passion is to transform lives through trading.

Dany Perez

Senior Trader and investor in the United States Stock Exchange since 2008. More than 15 years of experience in multinational companies in financial and strategic planning. Entrepreneur since 2012. Co-founder of MDC Capital with the experience of training traders in more than 40 countries. Long-term trader and investor.

Sebastian Zuluaga

Senior Trader with experience in Futures since 2012. Graduated in Business Administration. He started Trading when he was studying at the University and for this reason he never applied his career. Head Trader at MDC Capital passionate about training and finding new talents for the firm. Long-term trader and investor.

Familia MDC

MDC Trading Academy family

MDC Trading Academy is a trading firm, founded on the idea that every trader should have equal opportunities to be successful in the financial markets, by having access to knowledge, capital, technology and the supporting community, we help traders grow beyond their individual limitations.

The family approach of our company allows us to create a participatory environment and knowledge creation through new ideas and points of view. Our learning culture is collaborative and our approach is comprehensive, perceiving trading as a business. In this way we develop traders with patience, discipline and capacity for continuous improvement.

Be part of the MDC family

Juan Pablo Cardozo

“The approach they give is psychological, because finally the technical inputs that one takes or all the technical arguments that one may have in the graph are useless if you do not have a strong enough psychology so that you can carry out the scenarios that you planned ”.

Mario Jiménez

“Thanks to the MDC Trading Academy, I gained the confidence I needed to continue in this exciting discipline. The knowledge they gave me is unvaluable and seeing them operate live with more than 10 contracts opened my mind. I understood what I could achieve it if I adopt habits in my psychology that allowed me to focus and be disciplined. In this way, I have been correcting the errors while trying to show the resources available in my favor ”.

Andrés Arbeláez

“If anyone is interested in learning Trading, my recommendation is to come to MDC Trading Academy. Do not hesitate about it: this is the correct training, it is the ideal academy ”.

What our students say

  • Mastering the primary concepts of the futures market of the United States stock market
  • They understand price movements, anticipate market dynamics, and identify who their participants are.
  • You will be able to identify the opportunities that offer high probabilities of winning and improve your investments
  • You will apply your acquired ability to analyze the market without compromising your money and your emotions.
  • Twice a week you will have the opportunity to watch Live Trading sessions operated by your mentors.


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Trading and Stock Market Blog

Access free news and resources for traders. The best information on pre markets and stock markets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have no experience, can I be a Trader?

A journey of a thousand steps begins with one step! No prior knowledge or training is needed. Trading is a completely different activity that requires both technical knowledge and self knowledge; and the training entails the plan to develop these skills. We will guide you step by step until you become a winning trader.

Do I have to quit my job to be a Trader?

No, at the beginning it is an excellent way to diversify. Our training requires a minimum of 2 hours a day to be developed successfully. The amount of time is not that important, the quality of time you dedicate to your training process is what matters the most. Starting Trading with a different source of income is a great advantage because it removes psychological pressure to have the main needs covered.

How do I start?

Before operating the market, you must have a plan. The plan includes a reliable broker, a computer, a stable Internet connection, and the proper guide through your learning process.

You can sign up for our FREE Trading Course and learn these first concepts today!

What is the MDC Trading Academy course like?

Our Senior Traders take your hand to the market, always with a great component in real time, so you get the experience of sharing real live trading. During our classes you have our Senior Traders so you can interact and ask questions in a continuous learning experience. You have access to the largest Spanish-speaking trading community.

How difficult is the program?

Our programs are designed to take you step by step according to your knowledge, needs and goals. We train people with no experience at all and also experienced traders in the markets.

I already have experience, can I improve my trading with you?

Our Traders collectively have trained thousands of Traders with different cultures, and experiences. The training is entirely personalized, so we can help you on both sides technically and psychologically. You will learn a methodology in which most vices and bad psychological habits will be solved from the technical point of view, according to each person.

What is a Senior Trader?

It is a MDC Professional Trader who has already gone through all the stages, and today he is not only a professional in the field, but also has the ability to generate new knowledge and adapt it to the academy and the money table. Normally a Trader whe is consistent becomes a Pro Trader or Master Trader, after he makes important contributions and operates in our group (Money Desk) he becomes a Senior Trader. For us it is the highest level of a Trader, where in addition to being profitable in what he does, he has the ability to professionally guide others.

Why choose MDC Trading Academy among others?

Combined, our trainers have over 30 years of experience operating the markets. We operate live in our classes so you can watch and learn. Our main motto is “the last course you must take”, because everything is condensed into a single training program. We also operate live during classes, applying each concept we teach and we have a global community of traders where knowledge is generated daily.

We take trading as an undertaking and a serious business, a structured process to reach freedom.

Do you guarantee the success of your students?

We do not guarantee your success; What we can guarantee you is that our program is one of the best futures trading training programs in the world and we will demonstrate it live. We really believe that our system will transform you.

What if my family does not support me?

It is important that your family is involved in your process, especially because emotions play a fundamental role in your learning curve. Maybe they don’t have a clear understanding of what trading really is, and it is normal because they want the best for you. The Material that we have on our YouTube channel can help you to explain them or if you want you can schedule an appointment with one of our Traders so we can go over some details of our program and you will have a complete context of what we do, how we do it and the opportunity you will have.


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