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Why is it the last course I'll ever need to take?

1. The vision of MDC is to offer all of the necessary knowledge to make a successful trader in ONE training program. We do not believe that students should have to continue paying for different levels of courses. At MDC our member have lifetime Access to all new techniques and finding without any additional charges. Everything that the students require to become successful in their trading will be provided to them. The relationship between MDC and its students is long-term with the objective of developing consistent and talented traders that can potentially operate at a profesional level on our Trade Desk. Our commitment is to ofter the best training available.

Will I be able to witness live trading at MDC Trading Academy?

Yes, normally we are trading live during our live classes and periodically we share the same trades on our social media channels, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

I don’t have any prior experience, can I become a Trader?

Every journey even a short one starts by taking the first step, of course we can teach you how to become a Trader! We take you by the hand and introduce you to the most basic through to the most advanced topics.

Do I need to quit my job to become a trader?

No, initially trading is a great way to diversify. Our training normally requires about two hours a day in order to develop in a successful manner. The amount of time is not as important and the quality of time you dedicate to learning. Starting in trading with other sources of income is extremely beneficial particularly in the beginning because it helps relieve the psychological pressures associated with deriving exclusive income.

What do I need to start Trading?

Before you launch into the markets, you need to have a plan. Your plan should begin with a reputable broker, a computer, reliable internet connection and a mentor during your learning process.

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What is the MDC Trade Desk?

It is a group of traders that get together every day, virtually or in person, to trade the markets. One of the advantages of technology is that it doesn’t matter where you are, whether at home or on vacation, you will always be trading in USD as your common currency. Normally, MDC is seeking Traders to fund and these traders must share our same vision of the markets in order to remain objective when it’s time to enter the markets and manage risk.

How complex is the program?

Our programs are designed to take you step by step according to your experience, needs and objectives. We work with students with varying levels of experience; from beginners with no prior knowledge, to experienced traders looking to improve their techniques.

Do I need to understand finance, advanced mathematics or anything similar to begin to learn trading?

No knowledge or prior training is required. Trading is a unique activity that requires both technical knowledge and self awareness; and the training program includes a plan to develop buth these skills.

What type of computer and internet do I need to trade?

It doesn’t have to be the most powerful computer, but you can have a computer configured with a Core i5 processor or equivalent, minimally with 4 GB of RAM. The Internet has to be realiable and a connection with a minimum of 3 MB.

Academy and Methodology

What is MDC Trading Academy?

MDC Trading Academy is the Training and Talent Development division of MDC Capital Group LLC. We specialize in training traders in the Futures Market, which is suitable for those both experienced and novice traders. With the flexibility of mobile learning, students are always able to receive coaching from our Senior Traders.
*Training programs are subject to availability.

How is the MDC Trading Academy course designed?

Our Senior Traders help students navigate the markets in real time, this way they get to experience live trading. During our class session, students have access to Senior Traders and can interact with them and have any questions answered live. Our students have access to one of the largest trading communities.

What qualifies you to teach Day Trading?

Combined, our coaches have more than 30 years of experience operating the markets. We operate live in our classes so you can watch and learn.

Do you guarantee your students success?

We do not make any guarantees; What we can guarantee is that our program is one of the best futures trading training programs in the world and we will demonstrate it it live. We really believe that our system will meet your needs.

Can I watch the Senior Trader trade live applying the same methodology they teach?

Yes! Our motto is to teach by example. Students/members of the MDC community will not only have a clear and measurable plan of their process, they will be accompanied by the community’s Senior traders at each step, having the opportunity to share in a unique experience operating alongside our main Senior Traders, Manny, Dany and Sebas. This helps improve student’s confidence and gain a high level of motivation to trade. We also helping students to develop a style that can helps them operate independently. We want to break the cycle of dependency that prevalent in this industry and create self-reliant, consistent traders.

What I learn will it only apply to the futures markets alone?

No, more than just strategy, we teach students how to read the market as a newspaper, this can be adapted to any financial instrument. This is the main reason why training is geared towards Price-Action and the Psychology of Trading.

Can I experience live trading at MDC Trading Academy?

Yes, we actually have live classes that you can tune in to and watch. Also, we will periodically share video clips of live trading on our social media platforms: YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Why should I choose MDC Trading Academy?

Ours is “the last course you’ll ever need”, everything is condensed into a single training program. In addition, we operate live during the classes, applying each concept that we teach. Aditionally we have a global community of traders that share their knowledge and experience daily.

We consider trading a serious, rewarding professional business venture and a  viable process to achieve financial freedom.

General Trading Concepts

How complex is the program?

Our programs are designed to take you step by step according to your experience, needs and objectives. We develop students without any experience at all as well as traders with experience in the markets.

What is a Senior Trader?

A Senior Trader is an MDC staff trader who has gone through all the stages of the learning process and can now operate on a professional level. Our Senior Traders are also able to contribute new knowledge, adapt it to their trading and help explain it to other traders in the academy and on the trade desk. Typically a trader is considered a “Pro” or “Master Trader” after making a significant contribution to our trade curriculum or techniques, they are then promoted to the trade desk, and after they prove themselves, they become a Senior Trader.
For us, ‘Senior Trader’ is the highest level attainable for a trader. These traders are not only profitable themselves, but they have the ability to help teach others to achieve their own personal goals and work their way up the trade ladder.

What happens if my family doesn’t support me?

It’s important that your family be involved in what you’re doing. Maybe they don’t support you. Because they don’t have a clear understanding of what trading really is, this is normal as they want what’s best for you. The videos we post on our YouTube channel can serve as good starting point for them to learn about trading as a profession. You may want to schedule an appointment with one of our traders and we can help adress some of their concerns and questions.

How much money can I make in trading?

The amount of money one can make trading is variable and depends on different factors; ones discipline and ability to learn and hone new skills is very important. There in no limit to the amount of money one can make. The difference  between trading and traditional business is that when economic conditions take a down turn, it is usually when more money can be made. Remember, when markets fall, they do so much faster than when they rise and they provide many more opportunities.

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