Free Futures Trading and Tick Chart Course.

Trading free course

Why MDC Trading Academy?

Our basic training covers all the fundamental aspects required to understand how the stock market functions and it’s also the first step on your journey towards becoming a consistent trader.

Basic Concepts

What are the best markets to trade? What are the best ways to analyze the markets?

You may have the terms Japanese Candles, Forex or Cryptocurrencies. 

You’ll have a better grasp on how successful traders operate and what tools they use to pinpoint high probability trades.

Know MDC’s Methodology

In this training, we will take you from basic and general aspects of trading, to an introduction of technical analysis using tick charts.

You will understand the different types of traders, the instruments in which they can invest and how they can be analyzed.

We will give you a complete introduction to the MDC methodology. You will understand the markets we operate and recommend.

Why is it that sometime less is more.

Live trading is inherently an extremely stressful activity. It is stress and our mental paradigms that truly influence our activity in the markets. That is why MDC’s innovative approach will help you with the most important aspect of trading: your psychology.

Want to make a career out of trading?

“To those who are considering joining MDC to learn trading I say, don’t hesitate, this is the right place, it’s ideal”

– Andrés Arbeláez