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Trading Journal

With our trading journal template you will see how great you will be on your trading career, because it will keep you motivated every time you make some progress!

Benefits of Keeping a Trading Journal:

  • Creates historical data of your trading operation, so any time you want, you can go back and see how your trading went.
  • It helps you identify your feelings while operating and how news or other factors influence you.
  • It is a great way to keep you motivated and to be consistent.
  • You can manage your losses and profit better.
  • It helps you to find out your weak spots and your strengths.
  • It gives you a broader vision of your trading style, strategy, and if it is effective.
  • It helps you to measure your proficiency as a trader.
  • It is a way to keep improving your trading strategy.
Trading Journal
What Should a Trade Journal Include?

The minimal things that a trade journal should include are:

  • Date of the operation.
  • Type of financial asset and quantity.
  • Type of analysis.
  • Net gain or loss.
  • Commissions.
How do you Record a Trade?

You record a trade by taking notes of all the data involved, such as date, type of security, analysis, gain or loss, and commission.

How to Review Your Trades?

You review your trades by analyzing the results. I know that profit and loss are some of the main aspects, but you should also remember the emotional part. Consider the strategy you are using and your trading plan. The main objective is to find out if you are proficient at your operation.